Clutch disc SACHS Performance 4 PATINS 1.9 TDI 5V 228mm

273.00 Tax exc.

  • Number of teeth : 28

  • Hub spline: 20,3×22,1-28N

  • Diameter[mm] : 228

  • Transmitted torque [Nm]: 520

  • Clutch disc with torsion springs and ceramic-metallic friction surface

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  • Rigid sintered disc

  • Differences between performance clutch disc and standard clutch disc: higher thermal resistance compared to the organic surface, higher transmissible torque than the organic version, highly resistant to dirt, aggressive starting behaviour. Areas of application: motor racing (e.g. endurance, car club, auto cross), hill-climbing (e.g. Group N), rally (e.g. Group N), slalom, drifting.

  • Rigid or torsion spring clutch plates are available. Clutch plates with torsion springs dampen engine vibrations and protect the gearbox with their reinforcement. Caution: Reinforced clutch components may increase clutch pedal force and reduce the modulation range. They may also cause noise in the clutch and gearbox. Thanks to the shortened stroke, gear changes are quicker and sportier. This makes it particularly suitable for use in road tuning, for endurance and hill-climbing races (e.g. Group N), and for vehicles with a maximum load limit and high loads.

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