RRC Shampoo 5L

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RRC SHAMPOO is a very effective car shampoo for professional use.

The high foaming formula allows the action of thick cleaning bubbles.

Thanks to them, the foam reaches the elements of the vehicle that are difficult to reach. The product wraps the dirt particles and removes them safely.

The shampoo is universal.

Can be used to clean paints, glass, and metal.

It does not damage ceramic and waxed coatings.

The exceptionally slippery solution prevents the formation of so-called swirls or scratches caused by cleaning tools on the paint surface.

How to use:

  • Before applying, make sure the paint is cold and the vehicle is shaded.
  • We recommend using the “two bucket” method with a wool glove.
  • Wash the vehicle with water (preferably under pressure) to remove dirt and contamination.
  • Pour about 25 ml of rrc shampoo into a bucket and fill it with 10 l of water.
  • Clean the car from the roof to the bottom.
  • Wash the car with water, preferably under pressure.
  • During application, do not allow the shampoo to dry in the paint.


  • Avoid cleaning in sunlight.
  • Keep in a dry and cool place at a temperature of 5°C – 25°C.
  • Do not freeze the product.

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