Nitrous Outlet ProMax Dual Channel Progressive Nitrous Controller

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  • Updateable Firmware
  • Nitrous Controller Can Be Programmed Via PC/Laptop Or Optional Display
  • ProMax Progressive Nitrous Controller, 20 Pin
  • Connector, Flash Drive And USB Cable


The Nitrous Outlet Promax Progressive Nitrous Controller incorporates the system activation and safety functions of the Winmax but adds numerous tuning and traction aids that help you get the most out of your nitrous system. With the Promax you can set RPM, time-based, or boost referencing progressive ramps for multiple stages while integrating wide-band inputs.

Product Overview:
The Nitrous Outlet ProMax is the most capable progressive nitrous controller on the market! Built in 70amp solenoid drivers control 2 independent stages, or a single stage with closed loop fuel adjustment based on wideband input. Ability to datalog, internal storage for up to 5 different tuneups, setup via PC or optional display, 2 ignition retard outputs, adjustable frequency output, multi-gear lockout function, resume and re-start feature, and so much more.

Performance Features and Benefits:

Inputs for Vehicle Speed, Trans Brake, MAP Sensor, Two Wide Band O2 sensors, Two Nitrous Pressure Sensors, and one Fuel Pressure Sensor.
Two built in 70 Amp Solenoid drivers can control 2 stages independently, or can be configured for closed loop fuel control based on Wideband O2 input with nitrous on one output and fuel on the second output.
Progressive stage controls allows: Adjustable frequency output of 10-30 Hz (by 1 Hz) for driving solenoids.
Ability to be configured to vary solenoid duty cycle as a function of time, throttle percent (TPS), Engine RPM, Vehicle Speed, Manifold Pressure (MAP).
Ability to set response of stage based on secondary arm switch input (Arm, Disarm).
Resume and restart feature option for the nitrous controller to resume an interrupted time based ramp or start over based on TPS going out of range.
Built-in RPM Window Switch with gear lockout feature.
TPS or WOT switch activation.
Datalogging Capable.
Updateable Firmware.
CAN Bus Output.
Two Ignition Retard Outputs.
Simple USB connection to PC/laptop.
Optional 4.3 full touch screen display allows viewing real-time data.
Saved datalogs can only be viewed on PC/laptop.
Can save up to 5 different tuneups.
Nitrous controller can be programmed via PC/laptop or optional display.
Package Includes:
Includes the ProMax Progressive Nitrous Controller, 20 Pin Connector, Flash Drive, USB Cable

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