Water / Methanol Injection Kit AEM 30-3350 – 3.7L

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Water / Methanol Injection Kit AEM30-3350

  • Increase your performance at a lower cost
  • Improve the reliability of your engine
  • Lower your operating temperatures
  • Automatic triggering according to the turbo pressure (up to 1.5 bar) Components: control box, pump, injector, 3.7L tank, MAP sensor and mounting accessories
  • AEM reference: 30-3350

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Description of the AEM Water / Methanol Injection Kit

Injecting water or methanol is an easy, fast and inexpensive way to improve the performance and reliability of your supercharged engine (turbo or compressor, gasoline or diesel). The principle of operation of a water / methanol injection kit is very simple: an injector sprays water into the intake, in the form of a very fine mist. The water thus sprayed vaporizes instantly in the inlet: it is this change of state of the water (liquid state to gaseous state) which absorbs the heat of the air, and reduces its temperature by several tens of degrees. .

Advantages of Water / Methanol Injection

  • The intake air is cooler and denser, allowing the turbo pressure and the spark advance to be increased for better performance (without the need to increase the octane number of the fuel). AEM announces gains of up to 20% more power.
  • The knock is repelled, significantly improving the reliability of the mechanics.
  • Reduced exhaust temperatures (EGT).
  • Decalamination: the vaporization of water acts as a “steam cleaner”, removing carbon deposits for better performance. This is particularly relevant if your engine is equipped with an exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system.

Note that no water particles will reach the cylinders, as the water is vaporized instantly. Methanol provides the same benefits as water in this type of application, with even greater efficiency. You can therefore use pure water (preferably demineralized, or at least filtered), or a mixture of both up to 50% methanol (for safety reasons, AEM does not recommend exceeding 50% methanol, because the latter is very flammable).

The location of the water injector must respect several constraints:

  • The injector must be placed higher than the tank (otherwise, gravity or thermosyphon leaks may occur).
  • The injector must be placed before the throttle valve
  • The injector must be placed after the exchanger
  • If a flowmeter is present, the injector must be placed after the latter

Components of the Water / Methanol Injection Kit

  • Control box and its electrical harness, allowing to configure the automatic triggering of the injection (according to the turbo pressure, or according to a 0-5V input connected to an external source)
  • High pressure water pump, robust, reliable and quiet
  • Forged aluminum injector / sprayer, equipped with 3 nozzles to vary the flow rate (refer to the installation and operating instructions to determine the nozzle size suitable for your engine configuration)
  • 3.7L tank, with a compact and anti-lift-off design. It is fitted with a level probe, the information of which is taken from the control box.
  • MAP sensor 2.5 bar absolute (turbo pressure sensor)
  • Mounting accessories, hoses, screws, etc.

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